Korona Portrait camera project

This is a Korona Portrait camera with half and whole plate backs. Its in a bit of a state but should scrub up nicely.


Obviously the bellows had had it but they are of the square variety so I can have a go at making a replacement. I’ve glued some cracks in the woodwork, and I need to source/make some standard replacement metalwork, basically a clip to hold one side of the plate holder on.


It has quite a few geared movements and once I get hold of a few plate holders it’ll be going back up for sale. It also has an unusual working shutter mechanism, like barn doors, operated by tube and pneumatic bulb. I might keep this with the camera if I can route the rubber tube through the front woodwork rather than the bellows as it was originally.

I actually don’t remember buying this one! Got the Feepay invoice a few days after making a bid and forgot about it. Oops.