Painted Albumen Portrait by Southwell of London

I believe this is a painted albumen print by William Henry Southwell.

“The Southwell Brothers comprised the partnership between William (1823–70), Frederick (1833–83) and Edwin (1840–82) Southwell. They established their joint venture in 1862 at the height of the carte-de-visite’s popularity. The sons of a piano maker, the eldest two brothers followed their father’s trade before William opened a photographic studio in London at 16 Baker Street in about 1857. Early royal patronage ensured a further distinguished clientele that was made up of the aristocracy, politicians, clergy and members of the theatrical profession. Success continued with two further studios opening at 22 Baker Street in 1862 and 64a New Bond Street in 1867. Their reported daily earnings averaged between £70 and £100.” – from the National Portrait Gallery

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If anyone has any further information please let me know. I’ve not seen such a heavily but delicately painted card before.