Lux Darkrooms & Photogravure

I’m in London for five days so took the opportunity to ask Constanza Isaza from Lux Darkrooms if she’d provide a workshop on calibrating and exposing photopolymer plates. I keep missing these workshops when they are offered and am having problems with getting a decent back and loss of tonal details.

At the end of the day I had a long list of changes to make regarding my workflow, and a new way if making adjustment curves.

It was great to watch how to do things properly. I learn best by observation. I need to see something to understand it fully.

I was really impressed by the tonal range of this final test plate.

Oh and plenty of gadgets! An IR thermometer? What sorcery?

The stochastic screen I had been using proved to be next to useless and has been binned. Now sourcing one from the US. I’m also scouring ebay/Amazon for a number of items from my list.

I can thoroughly recommend Lux Darkroom and their workshops. Take a look at their website and drop them a line.