Mark Mask has arrived…

Mark has been sitting in the studio for the past week. I’ve started a new contract which sees me working at the John Rylands Library, Manchester for the next two years. Digitising the Cardinal Newman Archive.

So wet plate time is currently evenings and weekends. I’ll probably end up a lot more productive with my time this way.

Popped in today for a couple of hours to test some lighting situations, lens configurations and camera types for an idea I have in mind for the project.

The Mask Series is a Wet Plate Internatinal Collabortation. Now set at 150 International wet plate photographers and artist. Each shooting a plate which includes Mark Mask in some way.

Check out the website…. Click Here!

I’ve narrowed it down to one idea. Top secret for now.

These are a whole plate, quarter plate and some quick prints for reference.



Its at times like this I realise the limitations of wet plate when it comes to exposure times, f stops and depth of field, especially when I incorporate a live model later on. I always like a challenge.