Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas everyone. The website/blog is back up and running after a few episodes of down time. Now hopefully sorted.

Steph recently asked if she could come to the studio and make some Christmas cards in Cyanotype, she’s not tried any photo printing before and would I show her how? Of course, I’m delighted she’s taken some interest in photography, after all she’s put up with me enough, attending the wet plate events and listening to me drone on about cameras and chemistry.

She soon got the hang of it, having had a go at brush and rod coating on a variety of papers that happened to be in the studio and finished off the last of the cyanotype chems. I’m tempted to mix up some more.



After a variety of Christmas ornaments she ended up using a cheap set of led tree lights.


She started to experiment with items from around the studio, between exposures for her cards…


… and then knocked out this lovely print. She’s obviously a natural. I’ll get it framed and onto the wall at home.


Of course I had to have a go, and looking for a snowflake image I remembered seeing somewhere, led me to a photographer I’d not heard of before, Wilson Bentley. Amazing check him out.


So, coming to the end of another year and I feel I’ve been slacking of late. Hopefully I can step it up a gear next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.