Mikey – A wet plate tutorial

Mikey Boardman came to the studio for a wet plate tutorial on Sunday. He’s about to start his under grad. course in Photography at Blackburn.

He was more interested in shooting glass plates than tintypes. And surprisingly had no interest in portraiture, which most people seem to want to concentrate on. In all he shot about twenty plates. By the end of the day his pouring technique for collodion and Dev were spot on!

Lets get cleaning…

First couple of plates the usual short pours and Dev islands….


Daylight at last.

Enough of those fern now….


This corridor shot was a tricky one as he was trying to get it with the sun streaming through the windows, a rarity in Manchester, needless to say each time he tried the sun went in!



The challenge of changing exposures from inside the studio and outside…. its all good practice.

Mikey is in the middle of building a darkroom at home, chems are at the ready and he’s just waiting on a few bits and pieces then he’s ready to go. And I’m sure he’s going to be producing some fine plates some time soon.
He also managed to bag a really nice half plate camera with several holders and lenses for a bargain price….welcome to the world of Wet Plate!

Plate scans supplied by Mikey. Main first image from my dodgy iphone camera!