More books!

I might have to open a small Library at this rate. A few more books to read and for the studio book shelves.


SURF SITE TIN TYPE by Joni Sternbach,  I’d say the majority of wet plate photographers know of Joni’s work, if not check her out, amazing.

The Photographs of Frederick H. Evans in further preparation for some photographs of my workplace.

The Dream of Beauty – Frank Eugene by Ulrich Pohlmann, recently brought to my attention by a Facebook group posting. Thank you.

The Boys Playbook of Science by John Henry Pepper 1969…. Health and Safety would throw a right wobble if kids were doing half the stuff in this book. Only a very small section of photography but lot of other crazy experiments and facts. I couldn’t imagine reading this sort of book as a child. It difficult enough comprehending some of the content as an adult!