Moving in… sort of.

Decided to move some stuff into the studio. Gives me an idea of how best to use the space and where the wiring/sockets need to go.


At the moment there are two fluorescent lights in the studio and one double socket in the darkroom. Its going to need a fair bit of working out for whats best to go where. Lighting (safe and white), sockets and water pump in the darkroom and a selection of sockets in the studio.


Also the darkroom is not as big as I thought it was going to be now I’ve moved the sink in, some cabinets and allowed for the 5×4 enlarger. So maybe I’ll have the enlarger on wheels so I can move it in and out of the darkroom as and when needed. Theres plenty of room in the studio.


So still the outside plumbing to do when the gale force winds and rain stops. Its getting there though, a few little final fix things to do, but now I’ve moved a few pieces in I can see this being done by next week.