Mystery solved!

Thanks to the press coverage and the BBC it looks like the old Kodak mystery has been solved.

After contacting MEN and them running the story on the Friday, it was picked up by the Daily Telegraph on the Saturday and the Bolton News on Monday. The BBC then followed with an interview at home for TV that lunchtime and evening news. Within minutes someone had called the studios claiming to know the people in the images. Result!

Not been in a TV studio before but would just like to say how friendly they all were and put me right at ease, not that I was nervous at all. Did a phone link to Canada to speak to the Francis (lady in polka-dot dress in images) and then a little chat with me. Thank God it wasn’t live TV and recorded and hour earlier.

Turns out that the images are from a family holiday to Llandudno, North Wales in 1960.

Francis and her husband Philip (they moved to Canada in the late 1960’s), their sons John and David. Her sister and her husband. Her Mother in Law (granny). Francis had no idea who the little girl in the photo is, maybe someone staying at the same guest house. And if the BBC pass on my details I’ll try to find out the name of the dog.

And for those that have asked……me talking nonsense…..and sounding like George Clarke from The Restoration Man?