First 5×4 Polaroid

First Polaroid 5x4

Yes I know its not very exciting but after some bother with the Polaroid holder/back I was just pleased to get something….anything.

I had wasted 3 sheets and this was the 4th attempt. The holder had a bit of metal clip from an old sheet stuck in the closed end, I had to take it apart to solve the problem.

This batch of Polaroid Type 55 expired in 2007. Its supposed to keep quite well if kept in the right conditions. So 16 sheets left. Its selling for silly money on Ebay at the moment, anywhere from £3-£5 a sheet, a box of 20 is going to add up, so I will be using it sparingly from now on.

Anyhow this is just a quick shot of the back yard. I got fed up after the first 3 exposures of other things I’d composed when the holder didn’t do its job properly so I grabbed a quick shot out the dining room window. Yes I know it needs a clean.

Its been scanned by my new used scanner. I sold my Epson Perfection for an obscene ammount via Ebay and picked up a Canoscan 9950F for the princely sum of £40. Bargain. The Canon scans 5×4 where the Epson couldn’t. I’m pleasantly surprised at the scan at 1200dpi/25mb Greyscale, it can go way higher but I think my Mac might crash under the pressure of such large file sizes.