New acquisitions….

Now that the 12×15 camera is almost ready for shooting I thought I’d see what lenses would cover that size plate and keep an eye open for anything suitable online.

I already had two epidiascope projector lenses set aside that cast a large image circle.


This lens is the latest buy and arrived today. Its a 20 inch f5.6 – f16 Anastigmat with the AM markings of an Air Ministry/Military lens. These were manufactured by Ross and also Dallmeyer.

The wide heavy black barrel lens is from a Ross epidiascope and 17 inch f4 and looks good at full length portrait distance.

The longer brass one is from a “Philip Wigmore” epidiascope and is about 14 inch at f4 and good for head and shoulder portraits.

I also got this case cheaply off ebay with mind to make a small portable darkbox, ready for an up and coming event where I’ll be shooting some quarter plate portraits. I’ll post a bit more about that later next week when I have more details. In the meantime this case is going to have a bit of work done to it to make a complete wet plate kit. The exterior already looks the part with all its brass fittings.