Sneak preview……

Well tomorrow is the opening event for the Porter & Jenkinson Curious Pursuits exhibition.

Curious Pursuits blog link

I’ve re-framed some of the plates from the “Things my cats kill” series in a mount more suited to the theme of the show.


I was going to mount them with black ribbon around the corners of the plates, some wet platers use a thin silver wire, but the ribbon just didn’t look right so these have been float mounted.

Thanks to one client for loaning me her plate that she bought at the PHM event in October.

Really looking forward to seeing the variety of work that will be on display. If your in Manchester over the next four weeks then please call in and take a look.

So just need to drop these plates off at the Portico at lunch time then go for a couple of beers with John who also has some great looking work in the show.