New Mammoth silver tank…

Picked up my new silver tank from John this evening. Here it is next to my 10×8 tank…

Made from 10mm acrylic. It’ll take up to 18.5″ x 24″ plates but is designed for up to 16.5″ x 18.5″ plates from the Hunter Penrose camera.

Of course I can also use it for my 12×15 field camera.

A 12×15 plate in landscape orientation in the bath needs 3 litres of silver nitrate. To fill it fully will take a whopping 6 litres. So 5.5 litres for my largest plates. Ouch best start saving some more pennies.

At the moment I’ve filled it with water to double check for leaks. Thats a lot of silver to have lose otherwise.

Thanks again for a good job John.