New Silver Tank

Back in August I sold my 18×20 inch tank to fellow wet plater Tony Lovell. Recently I’d been regretting it as I now have Winter plans for some full size plates from my Hunter Penrose camera. Largest possible plate is 16.5×18 inch.

There’s an EBay seller called mrstauber from the Czech Republic that sells all sorts of wet plate gear.

He had a 16×20 tank but I asked if I could have it in landscape orientation rather than portrait.

It arrived this week (7 Days shipping), very well packaged.

At first glance it looks very well made. He had emailed previously to say he’d made it out of thicker acrylic, this turns out to be only 4mm. I’m forever the sceptic. I’m not sure it’ll hold and not leak!

So I’ve filled it with water and left it in the darkroom sink to see if there’s any loss over a few days.

It takes 4.5 litres of Silver Nitrate to fill….. I wouldn’t want to lose any!

I’ll report back and let you (and the maker) know how it holds up.