Strange Lights at The John Rylands Library

A couple of weeks ago one might have mistaken this amazing sight in the Historic Reading Room of The John Rylands Library, Manchester as an Arts installation of some kind.

Alas these huge “floating” lights were being used for the filming of the movie, The Limehouse Golem. Like great luminous blimps. I would love to know the physics behind what sort of “gas” is needed and to what sort of light is used inside! They looked amazing.

I’m not allowed to post any images on social media or my blog of the actors in costume or of dressed sets from previous shoots but as this is my normal place of work and just shows the lighting rig in situ, I think I’m okay…. A full blog post about my  photographic involvement with The Limehouse Golem will be made after the movie has been screened sometime next year.

It was remarked by several staff that these lights would be great as a permanent feature in the Library as they truly looked spectacular. Thats highly unlikely to happen of course but it is a nice thought.

Maybe just for Christmas?



Thanks to Hayley, who assisted on the final wet plate shooting day, for sending me this link… Check out their Gallery page.