New WordPress Blog theme

I’ve had to update my blog theme as the Autofocus one I was using was no longer supported and had been causing me grief for the past 12 months. Too much spam, a broken Search feature and the Comments feature unusable after just one comment.

So I’ve quickly changed over to this Gridzone theme which doesn’t seem too bad and just needs a little tweaking, so please bare with me as I update certain areas.

One big issue is this theme requires Featured Images for them to show up as thumbnails for each post, otherwise I just get a blank. The previous theme didn’t use this so I’m going to have to go through all 599 blog posts and select a Featured Image, thats a lot of clicks.

I just need to add in a Contact plugin and some Social Media buttons and it’ll be as good as new.

Content is still viewable as it is but it’ll not be user friendly for a good few days.