The Phoenix Alternative Festival 2019

Last weekend we attended our fourth Phoenix Alternative Festival in Llanfyllin, Wales. Andy (Moo Pa), Patrick, Laura and myself shooting wetplate portraits with funds going towards the event charity.

Most festivals in the UK had been cancelled due to the torrential rain and high winds forecast for the weekend. Phoenix was to go ahead whatever, we had worried about a limited turnout but as usual the Phoenix never fails to deliver.

Due to the severe weather forecast we had decided to take the BIG tent. We’ve only put this up once before and with more helping hands. Andy (Moo Pa) and I arrived Thursday afternoon to sunshine and the dilemma of where to put the tent. The usual spot would have been a squeeze even if we were the only tent there. We found a spot that was just about right. Luckily Steph and Moo Ma were there to help. Must have taken about three hours between us.

Going up, first the timber work and the heavy canvas flysheet.
We remembered to place the inner tent down first.
It took a while due to the occasional sit down and beer.
We left the one side down as a shooting wall and shelter. The front room was for the darkrooms and the rear was where we stored the trailer.
Yep, there are a few holes.
It was well worth the effort and proved very popular…
…even doubling up for evening entertainment.
Patrick was very busy from the start with some of his regular customers.
Some of our sitters knew exactly what they wanted and had a very specific shooting list.
I only have a crop of this plate unfortunately.
This was a very opportunist plate, it was in the silver bath ready to shoot, just when Patrick was shooting a family portrait. Less fogging on this one but it is still there.
Laura, the Mugshot Mechanic, shooting the talented Glyn Phillips
The latest copy of The Illustrated Collodion News. Proved very popular yet again, there are a handful of copies still available for sale, get in touch.
Moo Pa was on terrific form
Look at this amazing plate!
This little girl somehow convinced Moo to make a plate…
…. excellent again.
Not sure what’s going on here?
The Wattingers came around for their annual fix…
I even spotted this from a few years ago. Looks great.
I had major light leaks and fogging all weekend from my sliding box camera.
My three amigos Patrick, Laura and Andy
This has to be a highlight of the weekend, this little girl wandering around with her Dads plague mask on. It was really freaky… but in a nice way.

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend, and to all those that put in so much time and effort for this event.

Well done.