Not being Negative…

Being in Covid Lockdown has potentially dangerous side effects. I try to resist Ebay as much as possible but every now and again I’ll do my general searches and get lucky. This one resulted in me being just a little lost for words. Such luck.

When I saw this online it was advertised as a glass plate negative. I could see why they thought that. On closer inspection in can be seen to be a collodion positive/ambrotype. The brown velvet and hand applied colour giving some visual clues in the advert. There was not much more info listed. Either way no one else was bidding and for a couple of pounds it was a bargain.

Imagine my surprise when the well packaged item arrived and on opening I find… a whole plate ambrotype of this soldier. From the online images I had assumed I was lucky to have found a quater plate or maye 5×4 inch plate. This is stunning even without its mount and case.

Cuff Braiding – Looks like he may be a Lieutenant 

Buttons – Three canons with a Crown above.

The Cap Badge confirms him to be of The Royal Artillery.

Extensive painting and tinting to the varnished collodion side, give him a colourful glow.

If anyone has any other information please do let me know. In the meantime I’ll find a case or frame for this one.