Photoshop udpates

I rarely use Adobe Photoshop for my own digital work, as most of it is taken on my mobile phone and I just run it through the Snapseed app. I was updating my Adobe Creative Cloud at work, when up popped a little info window with the latest update features. Normally I just click through quickly but something caught my eye today.

A Sky Replacement tool. Now thats either going to be well naff or pretty clever.

There have been some excellent online presentations of late regarding adding clouds and editing glass plate negatives. So I thought I’d give this digital version a go. I quite enjoy seeing the progress of AI and Computer Learning in regards to Enhancement and Colourisation, so how about the auto masking capabilities of this Adobe tool.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Granted it can look awful when used carelessly but with the correct cloud formation and point source it can work really well and only with a couple of mouse clicks and a matter of seconds. It’s probably not everyones cup of tea but it made me smile.

At one point I’d forgotten which was the original! Granted on very close inspection you can figure it out, and there is some halo-ing on one example, but I didn’t really play around with any of the Edit settings, so these are straight out of box so to speak.