One Lump or Two?

A couple of my students have asked if one day tutorials are long enough to learn the wet plate collodion process. They had read on another workshop providers website that he didn’t recommend one day workshops, claiming it cannot be taught in a day.

It’s an interesting question.

What you can learn, with any good provider, is an excellent understanding and grounding for your start in learning wet plate collodion. It takes months if not years of constant practice to become proficient in wet plate. Granted you can shoot some great plates during your workshop but its not until you set up on your own and shoot your first plates that problems begin to arise. That’s where advice and information from others, whether that be from your tutor, the online community or published material really comes into play.

My one day tutorials are one to one, tailor made for your exact needs and skill level. Students who have attended my workshops all have a solid grounding in the theory, and practice of the process and are fast becoming highly proficient wet plate photographers.

My tutorials can now be opened out to include others, if you require it. So if you are a couple of friends, family or colleagues looking to learn wet plate then drop me a line for a tailor made tutorial. I can also add an extra day of shooting if you feel you need it, but bear in mind that if you live further afield you will have the added travel/accommodation expense involved with any extra days.

I think you need to ask yourself how you learn best? Do you work or learn better as an individual or as part of a group; do you want your tutors undivided attention and focus on what you can achieve, or do you want to work in a more collaborative way, and discuss your progress and problems with other students. Everyone is different and that’s why I offer tutorials suited to your needs. If you are struggling with one aspect of the process, we can focus on that; if you are a natural and have picked up the process quickly, then why not extend the tutorial with a location shoot or make some prints from your glass plates; so if you are more interested in one aspect of the process than another, then we can spend more time on that. Its your money your spending and I believe in you getting your moneys worth.

At the end of the day the tutorial is only ever as good as the tutor and is evidenced in the work of the student.

If you are still unsure which is best for you, then please just get in touch, I’m happy to discuss your requirements.