Rorkes Drift – a fundraising event

Last weekend Steph and I joined Andrew and Patrick in Brecon, Wales for a Rorkes Drift fundraising event in aid of Help For Heroes and other likeminded charities.

The weather forecast was looking pretty grim all week, so I went out and bought myself some wellies! Needless to say, rain in Wales is a given but on arrival on Thursday evening we were met with glorious sunshine. Andy had already arrived in his van.


Friday started off well. We set up shop and then as expected the heavens opened, just as Patrick arrived from his long trek from Ely via train, bus and mule.


This was a fundraising event so we offer reduced priced plates and give a percentage to the charities.


Aren’t you from the Fast Show?



We weren’t sure what to expect. We were sort of expecting a re-enactment event, turns out it was more of a bikers rally! By the Friday afternoon the fields had started to fill up a bit.

We had some interest from passing bikers in Pith helmets but it was pretty quiet until a flurry of activity on the Saturday afternoon. Mostly we shot plates of each other just to keep us busy and away from the ale.

First test plate of Andy.


Me by Patrick 10×8


And Patrick doing his best to look like a Victorian Pig Farmer.



This one was taking later in the day as the light had moved around our backdrop so light was too harsh so we moved under the awning of the van, so the sun was directly behind the subject with light falling in from sides and behind camera. We liked it.


Andy took some great shots of bikers and their bikes… I think with a bit of active marketing next time this might prove pretty popular.



One or two were really taken with the process and were really happy with their plates.



There was also a Wedding!


And the plate by Andy.


The happy couple being serenaded by the Choir. No tears were shed… honest. Got to appreciate a good Welsh male voice choir.


We had a great time and although we do not attend these events for commercial gain, we are more than happy chatting with passersby who show an interest in what we are getting up to. So it was all worthwhile.

Some passersby…. The City of Swansea Pipe Band.


Three Pipers by Andy.



Andy was pretty active getting in the mix…



It was good practice for the Phoenix Festival, when we next all meet.