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The Spencer Collection

Just a very quick blog post before I head to the airport. I’m speaking at the 2+3D Photography Conference at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam tomorrow and just wanted to share this very generous gift.

Peter says he’s been enjoying reading my blog for a while, and had figured out from various blog posts that I might live near to him. He sent me a message a while ago to say hello and it turns out he lives just up the road from me.

Last week he kindly offered me a collection of photographic material. He said his family had no real interest in it and if he sold it on Feepay the collection would probably get broken up and sold on. He didn’t want that to happen so offered it into my care.

Thank you Peter.

There are two wooden boxes of Magic Lantern slides, a box of stereo cards and a viewer and a tin of Velox pigments.



The magic lantern slides came from a Scottish friend about 20 years ago before moving abroad, originally bought at auction. They are a mix of Sheffield, Blackpool, Religious, Sports and some Ethnographic material.





The stereo cards are mostly of Quebec, Canada but with a small selection of Boer War material.

I’ll digitise these fully as soon as I can. I’m still figuring out a cataloguing system and front end delivery, wether its stand alone or integrated into this blog.
Thank you again Peter, they will be well looked after and made available online.




  1. gordon fraser
    Posted May 9, 2017 at 10:47 AM | #

    Looking forward to seeing the digitised content when it goes live. oh, and good luck for the conference

  2. Posted June 19, 2017 at 2:43 PM | #

    Thanks Gordon, Conference was very productive. And Ive no idea when I’ll find time to start digitising these…. they’ll be done in one go when I do.

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