RPS – Hurter & Driffield medal 2023

Well it’s not every day you get a medal!

Thanks to Gilly Read, Chair of the RPS Historical Group, for dropping it off today at The John Rylands Library, Manchester

The RPS silver medal for delivering this years Hurter and Driffield lecture, despite Covid and rail strikes doing their best to postpone it for a second time this year.

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I hope everyone that attended found it of interest. A recording of the lecture will be made available soon.

A history of advanced heritage imaging: From paper to plate to pixels. Since its inception, photography has been used by the heritage sector to document and disseminate its historical and cultural assets with the aim of furthering study and enhancing scholarship. With the digital age comes new imaging technologies and methods such as multispectral imaging (MSI), reflectance transformation imaging (RTI) and photogrammetry or 3D imaging .

This lecture will consider these new technologies and their practical uses within the heritage sector and explore how they have been influenced directly from the ideas of early photographic pioneers such as Henry Fox Talbot and Sir John Herschel, to inform the work of exploratory technical researchers Hewlett Packard and NASA. It will draw on specific examples from the archives of the John Rylands Research Institute and Library (JRRIL) and the leading-edge technologies utilised by its Imaging Team.