Slim Pickings

Popped into the local antiques fair today, slim pickings indeed, not even any crazily over priced photographic material.

There were the usual boxes of postcards, cabinet and cdv’s.

I found one uncased ambrotype and a Backyard cabinet card as an example of something I’m looking into.

Photo 20-08-2017, 14 31 15

James Clarke
Born Jan 21 1842
Died Jan 16 1915

Photo 20-08-2017, 14 31 32

I’m also looking for any essays or books that discuss the working practices of Victorian photographers. Not the processes or techniques but more the day to day workings of.

At the moment I’m reading The Victorians Photographic Portraits by Audrey Linkman, and The Wayward Genius of Henry Mayhew. Both have essays on the working Victorian photographer. I’m especially interested in the Itenerent photography and Backyard portraiture.

All research for a project next year.