Small tintypes revisited


Back in June I played around with making some really small tintypes….Link to past blog post

So today to get a break from test printing Van Dyke Browns I had another go. I guess its all down to technique and finding what best works for you. These are around 25mm square, I did manage to drop one or two, as working at this size gets very fiddly.

The collodion pour is less of a pour and more of a flooding. I did try the pipette again but it just made it another link in the chain of difficulty.
Dev is probably the trickiest, it just doesn’t want to stay on the plate. Fix is just the same as standard fixing.
The trickiest part in getting everything square and in frame on the ground glass.

I’m thinking of a coat of varnish and then into a brass pendant mount sealed with either ice resin or further varnish finished with a black satin choker…