This time I mean it…

Here we go! Edit: Some now on Ebay

1 – SOLD – Bowens Gemini 500 kit. As seen, has been sitting in the corner of the studio for too long. I used to use it for the occasional digital freelance job. Softboxes, brollies, power cables, synch cable, two 500W heads. Fully working. No modelling lamps as I shoot tethered. Two cases, one for main lamps etc and the other for softboxes and brollies.

2 – SOLD – W Watson and Sons 10×12 inch field camera project. Needs work ie bellows. Comes with five plate holders, only one of which fits very well but needs one hinge . The other four are rough but may be adapted or used for spare parts.

Fixed in portrait format for some reason. Could be easily adapted to landscape.

3 – SOLD – Pinhole Camera 5×4. Small amount of damage to wood, does not affect use. No idea what size pin hole. I’ve never used it. No idea why I have it as I don’t like pinhole photography that much.

4 – My decapitated Mamiya Press camera. Ground glass back, 6×9 back, a couple of holders and film pack.

90mm f3.5 lens, very sharp. Great little camera and a bit of fun.

5 – SOLD -Korona Home Portrait camera project. It comes with a whole plate and half plate back. I have the remains of the old bellows that could be used as a template. You’ll need to adapt some fittings to put it back together.

6 – Studio Camera by Goerz with two tambour plate holders, half plate and 13×18.

I had the back rebuilt by Mark Voce and a spare plate holder made into the ground glass screen for precision.

Amazing solid studio camera. I’ll probably lose money on this one.

7 – Whole plate camera as is. Refurbished by a previous owner. No plate holder. Sound bellows.

8 – G Mason and Son of Leeds Whole plate tailboard project with one plate holder. Needs a deep clean, new bellows or patching. I have one plate holder that fits very well.

9 – Kodak No.3, unusual back. Working shutter.

10 – Zeiss Ikon Baby Box camera, it is what it is.

11 – SOLD – Kodak No.3A with pack film back and a loose fitting ground glass screen. No shutter so just cover and open the lens. Locking mechanism faulty so stays open.

12 – Unusual large stereo plate holder. Two plates inside. No idea what camera this is for.

13 – SOLD – Falling Plate camera, two plates included. ? MIDGE

14 – Praktica FX2 35mm with waist level finder. Working shutter.

15 – Zenith Olympic 35mm slr lacks locking mechanism, I’ve always liked the weight of this camera. Working shutter and case.

16 -Olympus 35 RD 35mm rangefinder. Working shutter. My eyesight is too poor to see the lens settings.

17 – Zeiss Ikon 9×12 camera. I could never figure out how to get it onto the focus rail 🙁 lovely camera, some damage to woodwork.

18 – Agfa Optima 1A 35mm camera. Fully working, I bought it just for the unusual frame counter on the side. Some surface rust. Could do with a clean.

19 – SOLD – Yashica Electro 35. Another rangefinder that challenges my eyesight. Very sharp lens. Light seals were replaced a few years ago so works great.

20 – Two Industrial studio lamps for your trendy loft apartment. Bulbs just for show, would look great with those large filament ones.

21 – SOLD – Burr 6 inch brass petzval lens with flange.

22 – SOLD – Pneumatic shutter project, blades are stuck in casing, so will need an overhaul.

23 – SOLD – Ross Epidiascope lens 17 inch f4.5 with flange. No aperture, its just wide open by design.

24 – Ross Epidiascope Lens 17 inch f4.5 no sleeve or flange. Needs a clean.

25 – SOLD – Carl Zeiss Jena 21cm f4.5 almost scratch free. Has flange.

26 – Dallmeyer 14 inch f5.6 rough as…. paint flaking but might be of use to someone.

27 – Darkroom candle safelight. Red glass cover.

28 – SOLD – Folding darkroom candle safelight. Red fabric. Box is delicate.

29 – frames, chems and film (film sold)… see pics

30 – Ilford N.50 backed glass plates. These came out of a Chapel in Yorkshire when I picked up a Hunter Penrose camera. I’m kidding myself I’ll use them for anything. Some have been used.

31 – SOLD – Photographic plate box. Lock no key. 4 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches plate size??

32 – SOLD – Parker Countess Vacuum printing frame. Spare bulbs.

33 – Wooden display box – Ritmeester Mild Dutch Cigars. I bought to use as a display stand for small plates and jewellery at events. Never did.

34 – Revelation Expanding suitcase. Extends from 6.5 to 9 inches deep. Unusual.

35 – SOLD – Job lot of stuff and bits n bobs. I’ll keep adding to.

If your interested in anything just email or message me here. Make me an offer I can’t refuse. 🙂

Will end up on Ebay otherwise, percentage of sales to go to MIND, the mental health charity.

Please share amongst your photo friends, when this is gone I can find some more…