Tinted Whole Plate Ambrotypes

To say I am very happy with these two whole plate ambrotypes would be a slight understatement. They had been advertised on Feepay for not a lot of money, so I took a gamble and left a bid, I was very surprised that I hadn’t been outbid when I returned. Two hand tinted whole plate ambrotypes for a ££! Does not happen often nowadays.

They arrived today and unpacking them I soon started smiling. They are lovely. There is slight damage to the Gentleman, the paint is beginning to lift, but it looks like the paint is to the glass and not the collodion side.



The Mother and Son has the start of some crazy paving cracking but not as bad as the other.


Both are still sealed in their frames, I am in in two minds about opening them up. 1 to see if there is any info on the sitter and 2 to re-black the back of the plates.


W.L.Pender, Art Dealer and Picture Frame Maker – Waverley Terrace, 319 Paisley Road West, Glasgow.

One happy collector.