Two steps forward…

So I’ve been trying to thin out my photographic equipment, some of it I’m selling and some of it gifted away. My ebay sales now include a % to MIND.

With that in mind, when someone offers you a camera, what can you say??

My neighbour, Ian, was emptying his late parents home and asked if I wanted his Dads cameras. He offered them over the garden fence and one couldn’t really say no.

There is a Chinon CM 4S kit in very good condition 50mm, 135mm and extension tubes all cased. A fully manual camera thats only a mm or two bigger than the tiny Pentax ME Super, my favourite.

I’ve also taken the 40mm pancake lens off the Pentax and added it to this Chinon kit as its the same mount. Lets see how it all shoots.

There’s also a lovely Agfa Isolette II with case. Film has now been loaded and I’ll put them back into use this week.

Thank you Ian. Appreciated.