Wet Plate Negatives 1876

I’ve been digitising a pile of Ambrotypes, Dageurrotypes and negatives (wet&dry) that have been sitting in a box at the studio over the past few months.

These two quarter plate wet plate negatives were in a small job lot box, with an ambrotype of an elderly lady, and I hadn’t really paid them much attention until I picked them up to digitise.

They are of Mrs Neath dated 4/9/76



I particularly like this one. 22nd October 1872


The detail is amazing. And for some reason this version reminds me of someone, its uncanny!


And love this Photographers Studio adjustable posing chair. I will find one of these one day.


Oh yes and not forgetting the ambrotype of the elderly lady, also quarter plate.


More of the digitised plates later, especially a very odd batch of dry plates which you can help me date.

This weekend is the UK wet plate gathering at Llanthony Priory, if your in the area pop along and say hello.