William McMurray – Gatehouse of Fleet

Last year I was invited up to Gatehouse of Fleet in Scotland as part of their “Memories Weekend”, a celebration of the work of prolific local Photographer William McMurray.

The idea was to replicate some of his photographic plates with the modern day McMurray family descendants.

I hadn’t blogged about it at the time as I was so busy moving to different sites that I hadn’t taken much in the way of supporting digital images. I had been waiting on a local resident who was following behind with his dslr but nothing really came from them, so a blog post never materialised…. until I found some small scans of the plates from that event on my home hard drive.

I’d been wanting to try out a new WordPress plugin called “twentytwenty“, I have in mind to use it for another project/blog post, so this seemed a perfect opportunity to put it to the test with some images.

This is a “slider”of 37 Catherine Street. William McMurray’s childhood home. The original McMurray plate and a plate of todays descendants.

Just move the slider arrows left and right to see the two different images.


The slider plugin works easily and smoothly. Looks like I was pretty close with where I set my tripod.

Check out the archive of McMurrays work on the Gatehouse Folk website.