Wonderful things…

I felt very much like Howard Carter on being asked by Lord Carnavon, “What can you see?”

A friend, I’d not seen in too long a time, called by the studio this week with several boxes of photographic equipment that had been gathering dust after being passed between households. Originally owned by an elderly gent who had been some sort of chemist/scientist.

I’ll be sorting through the boxes next week, some items I will keep, some I will offer out to interested parties and the remainder will go onto Ebay as charity auction listings for MIND.

I just wanted to share this one little image. One of two quarter plate glass negatives mounted as a stereo pair onto a half plate. There was a box of these, more appropriately there was one of The Sphinx in Egypt. Maybe I should have quickly digitised that one with my phone camera instead. Or maybe my current interest in Bromoil and Pictorialism made me choose this image as an example.

I can’t wait to have a good look through the boxes to see what other treasures there are waiting. Thank you Jo for these, I will make sure everything goes to a good home.