Yashica Electro GTN

This is a Yashica Electro GTN rangefinder camera, renowned for having a fast and very sharp lens. I’d been looking for one of these for a few months, they go for various prices on Feepay depending on condition and which model your after. I got this one for a very good price especially as it came with a light seal repair kit.


The rangefinder viewfinder was a little grubby so I gave it a clean, the top is held on by three tiny screws and a with little patience I dismantled the various top parts, allowing me access to the viewfinder etc.


It could do with further cleaning to the rangefinder prism but I couldn’t remember if it needed specialist cleaning or not, I’ll look into it, if you’ll pardon the pun.

The battery still has some life left in it surprisingly as they are pretty hard to get hold of nowadays, although you can patch together a number of alternatives as long as its about 6v’s.
One thing that did surprise me, and shows when the last time I shot a roll of 35mm was, is the cost of a roll of Ilford FP4…. £7.50 a roll… cough cough splutter!

So if anyone has any spare old rolls they no longer need, of any 35mm film, please feel free to send it my way, it would be much appreciated.