Bromoil Foma C112 H

I bleach/tanned the Ilford Glossy FB today, its the last paper I’ll be testing. I’ve left it till last as I’m not convinced it will work.

In the bleach
In the fix

I then put the Ilford Warmtone semi matt and the Foma C112 Hard paper in to soak.

The Ilford at 22 degrees for 10 and 30 minutes. It took the ink very well, I just couldn’t repeat similar results as previous years. And also had some strange stripey business going on.

Weird stripes

There seemed to be a colour shift between the two soak times/temps. Not sure if I’m imagining it. The smaller test strip is warmer?

Colour shift?

The Foma I soaked at 25 and 30 degrees for 15 minutes. It also took ink really well, highlights clearing easy. It also took the secondary soak very well as long as you don’t wipe dry and just blot dry.

Test early jnking

I really like the look of the Foma finished detail.

And I’m trying not to be so heavy handed in my inking.

The Kentmere Art Bromoil paper is still a favourite for the actual paper weight and surface finish. Shame its not made anymore. I think I’ll not print so deep and dark for that paper next time.