Casa Fotografia Andrade

I’d noticed this small family photography store in Tavira, Portugal a few years ago. There was a book in their window showing the history of photography in Tavira and the Andrade families direct involvement from the early 1900’s. Sadly it was in Portuguese so I didn’t look any further.

I was pleasantly surprised to see they had moved to a larger space which now incorporates a very well presented Photography Museum. Split over two floors, the ground floor covers the beginning’s of early photography and its first studios in Tavira.

The display cases are very well lit, and the English language translations are very good and easy to follow when they become a little less accurate.
Several drawers reveal further photographs and some surprising archive material, mostly original with some facsimiles.

drawers of archive material

The upper floor was again very well done with large display panels, original photographs, descriptive text and archive material drawers.

Upper floor displays

This catalogue of painted backdrops was great, although a facsimile, I’ve not seen one before.

Archive material - painted backdrops

Archive material - painted backdrops

There were quite a few cameras, lenses and equipment on display ranging from Dry plate through to modern film. There was even a small working darkroom.

Dry plate camera and lenses

There was still the original book in Portuguese alongside another later version with far more photographs but at 75 Euros was a little too much for my pocket. So I went for the smaller bilingual fifteen euro book instead with lots of historic images of Tavira.


If you are ever in the area then its well worth the 5 Euro entry fee. Pop in and support a small independent museum.