Franka Solida III at John Rylands Library

I put a roll of expired Kodak 400TX through the Solida 3 on Christmas Eve at the John Rylands Library.

I forget where I work sometimes, it really is a great building.

I usually overexpose film but in this case the negs were really thin due to me using really old dev sitting on a shelf at the studio resulting in some major under development issues.

This was also one of those times the film just wouldn’t wind onto the spool, 30 minutes of cursing and dropping the film on the floor in the dark, here we go, a small selection…

Although I printed a couple of quick wet print 10x8s from these I thought I’d scan them in at work to see how the Imacon scanner compares to my cheapo Canon flatbed with film adapter at home….







And the Solida III has a shutter mechanism that prevents double exposure… explain this one!


Considering the under dev of expired 400 print film I was pleased with the results from the Solida III. Will have to put a few more rolls through it.

Also got me to thinking of maybe some paper negs and pinholes at the John Rylands Library…. Sounds like a plan and don’t know why I didnt think of it earlier!