Hairy Bromoil…

I had another go with the Foma N113 matrices I had left over, this time soaking for longer (1hr ) and at a higher temperature (35), and I also switched to an Intaglio ink – Bone Black.

Much better all round, fairly quick to print. Inked easily and didn’t block up in the shadows.

Only downside this time was the amount of small hairs coming of the brushes. So annoying. This was the worse of it.

I then switched to the Foma N112 to try some matrices. I soon stopped as this paper is the “hard” version so printed way too contrasty. Almost looked half tone.S

So, into the darkroom stash…

Here are some prints with whats left of my Foma 532 Nature II. Foma discontinued this paper, which is a shame as its a lovely warm smooth tone.

From a 5×7 collodion negative
From a 5×7 bright ambrotype
From a 5×7 collodion negative

We shall see if any are suitable for Bromoil inking next week. It bleached easily enough, the matrix are now drying.

I am pleased with that last one N113 version. So that’s something.