Towneley Hall, Burnley

We made a trip to Towneley Hall today to see the Derek Clarkson exhibition, a local potter very well known for his crystalline glazes. More for Stephs benefit than mine, although I do appreciate a good pot.


Towneley Hall is a public art gallery and museum in a historic house, set in a large park on the outskirts of Burnley. There is lots to see but the Art Gallery alone was well worth the price of admission, many of the works were well known and we were surprised they were held in these collections.

For me this has to be the highlight of the day, of course, Smile by Charles Spencelayh C.1932

The oh so familiar makeshift backdrop, the reluctant sitter and hobbyist photographer. Check out his slippers and her face! Brilliant.


I’d never heard of Spencelayh before but am now a fan after a look at his work online at Your Paintings.

And on the way out Steph spotted this postcard!


Well worth a visit if you are in the area, £4 for an annual ticket to the Hall if you’re not local, a great cafe (bacon and egg butty for me), and acres of walking trails.